The Piano Lesson [CANCELLED] at St. James Theatre

The Piano Lesson [CANCELLED] Tickets

St. James Theatre | New York City, New York

We already realise that The Piano Lesson will be one of the most popular shows in theatres this year! The classic suitable for all is regarded so highly and fans of broadway just keep on coming! Why not see for yourself on the fall, 2022 tour? The Piano Lesson will awesomely play at the unbelievable St. James Theatre, New York, New York on Wednesday 30th November 2022. This will be the top Wednesday evening for the whole family, so stock up on refreshments! You will need to think quickly when booking entry for November, this is expected to be sold out promptly! Press the 'get tickets' button right away, to purchase some!

The Piano Lesson [CANCELLED] at St James Theatre

We realise you have impeccable taste when it comes to entertainment and viewing a BROADWAY show live in action is up there with the one of the unrivalled past times for groups, especially when something smashing like The Piano Lesson adds dates for a tour of the US for fall, 2022! We know you will have to be in attendance! It's one of the hugest productions of the year, if not ever, with so many awards and a huge fan base, it's iconic! The Piano Lesson will show at the unrivalled theatre for broadway productions for miles, the legendary St. James Theatre, New York, New York on Wednesday 30th November 2022! St. James Theatre has a capable capacity, roomy seating, some spacious parking and you're in for a treat with the delicious refreshments available! If you want tickets to this exciting evening in November, then simply press the 'get tickets' icon when you scroll up on this page!

The Piano Lesson [CANCELLED] at St James Theatre

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