New York, New York – A New Musical [CANCELLED] at St. James Theatre

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St. James Theatre | New York, New York

EVENT CANCELLED. Please contact your ticket point of purchase to claim a refund on your tickets.

New York

The Curtains Are Rising for another astounding Broadway musical coming to you live this summer. And if you order early you can have the best seats in the house for this sensational theatrical experience. So mark your calendars for Sunday 20th August 2023 so you can join hundreds in catching New York, New York - A New Musical live at St. James Theatre in New York, New York. This greatest show brings some of the most awe-inspiring actors taking on some of the most important roles of their careers. As they dance across the stage, you’ll see a captivating story unfold that you will never forget. But what Broadway performance is complete without enchanting music to keep you tapping your toes throughout. And New York, New York - A New Musical has a full musical score composed by some of the best songwriters in the industry. Even now, fans are calling New York, New York - A New Musical a contender for best score. But that’s not all! Because New York, New York - A New Musical at St. James Theatre also features vibrant costume design by some of the most inspired minds in creative design. It’s a full package of the best parts of Broadway all wrapped up into a Sunday night of entertainment. Tickets are still on sale today but you have to act fast. Click the buy tickets button below so you can order your tickets to see New York, New York - A New Musical live at St. James Theatre in New York, New York on Sunday 20th August 2023!

We know theater is fun, but is it also important? Yes, a thousand times yes. High-quality theater can get you to experience something, bring out a special memory, or come up with a solution to something important to you. Just like we jog in the morning, or try to drink more water, nurturing our creative thinking is an vital part of self-care. Performing arts are fantastic in helping us develop one-of-a-kind forms of emotional intelligence, and turn our world upside down so we can experience is from a new perspective. Taking care of or emotional intelligence and creativity is important for both personal and professional success. Additionally, watching characters on stage express complex emotions helps us to practice quick mental shifts, and agile language skills. So yes, you can not only be transported to a new world, but you can add theater to your self-care routine. Starting now with New York, New York - A New Musical in St. James Theatre on Sunday 20th August 2023.

New York at St. James Theatre

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